Quick insight into ORGSU information system & Test Timing

For your information and easy understanding of the ORGSU timing and LIVE results publishing, the work-flow of the event organiser (timing company) is displayed here. By clicking every workflow step, print screens for your information will appear. The test race of a 5km run with one lap time has been used for your free timing trial here. Follow the workflow and check the 'LIVE Results' screen (the box with the white background, which is not a static print screen but a real one); notice how it will change after the start and during the timing by your ORGSU mobile application. The screen of 'LIVE Results' should display the start list when you open it for the first time. If there was no start list on this page, please email aaa@orgsu.org to request the deletion of another tester's previous data.

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Download Upgrading_of_Event_Organiser_Website.pdf or visit: www.orgsu.org for more information.