Starting and Timing

1. Run the next wizard page with The Start List. There, you will find all 5 athletes ready for the start. Watch this page for the duration of your test timing. It will automatically change once you start the race. If not, press Ctrl-F5 to reload the page.
2. Run ORGSU application on your smartphone and enter both codes.
3. Select 'STARTING' from the main menu
4. Select 'Kids Race' from the list of Races.
5. Press the 'START' button to start the 'imaginary' race.
6. When START is provided, use the back arrow to return to the main page.
7. Select 'TIMING' from the main menu.
8. Wait few minutes as the 1st part of the race should last for that amount of time.
9. Select 'SPLIT TIME' from the list.
10. Enter any of start numbers (BIB): 23, 34, 45, 56, 67 via the digit keyboard provided and click 'Time'. Then enter the next ones as you wish.
11. Watch your LIVE Results to check your time-keeping on the next wizard page.
12. Wait another few minutes, go back to the timing point selection and select 'Finish'. Enter all the Start numbers (BIBs) 21, 34, 45, 56, 67.

Find Smart Phone Timing Guide at for details.